Axis: Tool Orientation
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C. Thomas Schneider
2017-04-20 15:21:17 UTC
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I would like to learn more about how AXIS displays the orientation of the
tool when executing motion. The backplot lines/trace is correct for my
mill/lathe but the B-Axis tool orientation for anything other than A=0 is

Here is my mill configuration Geometry is currently AXZ-B. Note there is no
Y axis.

I have the X Axis parallel to the headstock (+ is away from the headstock
going right), the A Axis rotates around X, the Z-Axis is perpendicular to X
and + is away from the centerline of the A Axis. The B Axis is located on
the Z-Table with the spindle and allows the spindle to rotate around the "Y"

What I am observing is that if I issue G0 X10 Z10 A0 B0 - all good, then G0
B90 and the tool orientation moves from parallel to the Z axis to parallel
to the X Axis - again all good.

If I then issue G0 A90 the tool path is correct but now the tool orientation
shows it no longer parallel to the X Axis. This does not match my machine.

I would like to understand how the tool orientation (I am assuming this is a
EMCPos struct) is rendered based on the geometry inputs.

Any assistance on where to look in the code would be appreciated. I have
downloaded the code into a virtual machine for RIP so I can test.

Thank you!