hm2_rpspi probably as good as it gets
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Bertho Stultiens
2017-06-18 15:37:01 UTC
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There have been a couple of small fixes to the hm2_rpspi driver over the
last week or so. A lot was simple cleanup from code ported from the old
driver. Then a couple of typos were fixed along the way and an updated

There also is one (very) small fix for hostmot2.c in the same set. It
was writing binary data to the terminal on error, which was not very nice.

The head version of the hm2_rpspi branch from the PR, has been tested
successfully by Gene. I think he is running 41.6MHz write and 25MHz read
on the SPI port now.

Please have a look and let me know if there are comments on my coding.
Otherwise, I think that it could be merged.
Greetings Bertho

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