Location for changing softlimits
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Roland von Kurnatowski III
2017-02-07 00:07:49 UTC
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I am tracking down where the soft limits are enforced within source.
I am new to development on linuxcnc and read through the developer document
but am still a little unclear and am trying to find my way around.

I am trying to allow for realtime changes to softlimits to allow for my
tool change routine to move to a position that should not be reachable
during normal toolpath execution as moving into that area with the spindle
on would cause permenant damage to my brother t-217 tapping center.

I have seen in command.c where the max limits are joint->max_pos_limit and
are used for setting cont jogging etc.
I am trying to find where this max_pos_limit is checked for enforcement.

Can anyone guide me if changing this during runtime would be advisable.
i.e. create a gcode that when executed allows for the engagement of an
offset to max_pos_limit to allow the z axis to move up to tool change
position and then once tool change is complete lower within limits and
remove the offset?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!