G20/G21 status HAL pins
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Gene Heskett
2017-04-15 21:02:32 UTC
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Hello Gene,
First off I want to apologize for responding to your message on the
EMC dev list the other day regarding the lack of HAL pins for G20/21
status. I was on my stupid phone and did not realize you had sent that
message to the EMC dev list instead of the usr list. I hardly qualify
as a user, much less a dev ;)
Anyway, I am surprised and a little disappointed that nobody on the
dev list has replied to your messages yet, as I too would like to have
the G20/21 state available in HAL. I can think of at least a couple of
instances where that info would be useful.
As a temporary solution I have cobbled together a userspace HAL comp
that returns two pins which indicate the current G20/21 state. I know
that is not exactly what you want but it works well in my situation so
I though I would pass it along, find attached.
Saved, thanks. But the fastest way to get these pins exposed is probably
to join the chorus. I sing contra-bass using an old, now leaky bucket
to carry the tune in, you? :)

Anyway, I copied this back to the dev list so I've now got 2 votes for
it. :)
Here is a description if you want to give it a try.
units.prog_in (bit out, TRUE if G20 is active)
units.prog_mm (bit out, TRUE if G21 is active)
units.update_rate (float in, update rate in seconds, defaults to
0.05s if not set)
Put the "units" python file somewhere on your $PATH and make it
executable. (I have it in usr/bin)
In your HAL file load it as a userspace component: loadusr units
You do not need to add it to a thread.
Humm, sounds good. And it should help.
I can't think of a way to get the current DRO unit mode out to a HAL
pin other then adding a new pin to axis, which would not be hard but
does not seem very neat. Still thinking on that one...
Good. I'm in the middle of replacing the timedelay module with a 1 shot
in my jog code, 30 seconds isn't alway long enough to get the machine
where you want it, and its too long to wait before doing the touch-offs,
so I'm shooting for as long as the dial is being turned by using a
retriggerable, and off 2 seconds after the dial has stopped moving.
But getting 10" of weeds in the back yard under control had a slightly
higher priority today so I'm not ready to test it yet. :(
I hope you all have a very Happy Easter,
We'll try, but the effort won't be a high visibility effort, the Missus
is still pushing a walker from breaking a hip in early February, and
gaining a pound or two of steel in the fix. We aren't exactly spring
chickens w/o digging out a stack of calendars 77 deep for her and 82 for
me so we can define which spring. :)
Thanks Kurt.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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